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Food venders

First time rider. Looking for info on the food venders? Is it easier to pay at most sites? I saw a post the a guy joined Pork Belly Ventures. Do I need to join to get food from them or can I pay at the site?

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Randall Murphy, May 5, 2022 at 10:32 am

The food venders are independent and really, so are you so unless you want to get tackled as you try to walk away without paying, you should plan on paying them. It’s cash and carry. To make it go smoothly please consider paying with cash instead of credit and use smaller bills. There will always be a line of people behind you waiting to pay for their food as well. The charters cater only to their clients, ie. the riders that sign up for their services (and meals) for the week. Unless you are traveling with a charter you won’t be able to get food from them. It’s a good question but finding food is a non-issue. You will see plenty of venders through the course of a day, especially in the pass through towns and the overnite town. Aside from making sure that I hit Beekmans ice cream (and a few others) my plan is usually to eat whatever is sold in the shortest line. I’ve had goulash for breakfast but that’s not for everyone, I suppose. Hope this helps.


hnschipper, May 5, 2022 at 11:14 am

Pork Belly Ventures is not a food vendor; they are a charter. They may provide food to the riders registered with them, but they don’t provide food to the public for sale. There are plenty of food vendors – I certainly wouldn’t join a charter just for the food. And yes, you have to pay each vendor for the food you purchase from them.


garywilk, May 5, 2022 at 11:57 am

If looking for how to pay, cash is king. Local eateries will likely take a debit or CC but cash is easiest and you can hit an ATM a day or two through the week to refuel the wallet. Like mentioned above, plenty means over 20 options in each pass through town with all varieties and there will even be several options along the road between towns. Farm Kids is always great for breakfast. Mr Pork chop is a good choice for lunch. Also at the 2nd craft brew stop, they have skinless brats that are amazing. Those are three of my favorites but churches, local eateries, and other groups will have lots of food. The overnight towns will likely have close to 100 options for food. It seems crazy but even riding 500 miles in a week, I still seem to gain 5 or more pounds over the week. Food and drink options are the best part aside from meeting new and old friends.


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