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Footwear Suggestions? Other gear?

First-time rider here. I have a trekfx2 hybrid bike with just normal pedals. I ride it very often for pretty good distances, but obviously nothing like RAGBRAI before. I ride more for recreation rather than competition, so I have never really had any “serious” gear or footwear. I was originally planning on just buying some cages for my pedals and wearing tennis shoes for the ride. However, I have been told by some that I NEED cycling or clipless shoes. Since RAGBRAI will probably be my only serious long ride each year, I don’t really want to invest a lot of money into gear and footwear. But I will do what I have to in order to not have a horrible week!

Does anyone have any suggestions for footwear or pedal situations? I have heard a lot about sandals and things like that. Is there a non-clipless shoe that is more suited for bike riding?

Also, if there are any other gear suggestions, please let me know of those! Thank you!

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Charlie S, March 25, 2019 at 12:31 pm

SPD pedals and cycling sandals. The recessed cleats don’t impede the hiking you will be doing at nearly every town and the sandals are cool (both literally and figuratively). Sandals are great in the rain and when it’s sunny, you get that distinctive sandal-tan on your lower extremities. I actually bring both shoes and sandals so I can have covered feet on the gravel loop or if it’s cold.


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