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Gannett’s Venture Endurance Events Buys Ride The Rockies

I’ve been away from RAGBRAI for a few years and did not know that it had changed hands and was now run by a subsidiary of Gannet News, the company that published USA Today as well as the Register.

I just read that the same entity owning RAGBRAI just bought Ride The Rockies, the Colorado ride kind of sort of like RAGBRAI, but not really. RTR is much smaller (max of 2000 riders, but they don’t get that many these days), much more difficult, and has a much different vibe. I’ve done RTR several times, and RAGBRAI several times, and RAGBRAI overall is much more fun. The riding on RTR is a lot better though.

RTR has kind of fallen on hard times, long with the Denver Post itself. Maybe Gannett can revive it. One of the issues with RTR is that a lot of routes that used to be ridden now have too much traffic, and also, the host towns really don’t want or need RTR any more. When RTR started, it was the second or third week of June, and the tourist season had not really kicked off yet, so the host towns were happy to have an early season boost. The towns are all crammed from mid-May on now, so they don’t want the headache of those dang bike riders. RTR moved to early June a few years ago to try to avoid conflict, but there is no way to avoid it now, Colorado is just too full. They can’t move any earlier, because the weather is too iffy, they already had a disaster a few years ago when it snowed on Berthoud Pass and they ended up shuttling over 1000 riders to the next town.

There are so few routes suitable for RTR now, that they have basically begun recycling the same basic western Colorado routes. RTR used to start and end on the Front Range where most of the riders live, but now there is no safe route, so it starts in one of a handful of mountain towns and does a loop.

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Sandaltan ., November 8, 2021 at 7:48 pm

Thank you for the info Altidude. RAGBRAI is just one of many biking chicks in the Gannett nest.



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