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Good night one and all.  Six months until we all join forces.  Sleep well!

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knees36, July 10, 2011 at 9:27 pm

This weekend has been quite a success.  Not much riding, but there were lots of things going on and most of it turned out just fine.  We first stopped in Woodbine to see my mother at Rose Vista Nursing Home.  Then  I got my haircut at Peachy’s…a local Woodbine barber and school mate of mine “from way back when” in the Woodbine school system.  We then went to my wife’s high school reunion near Council Bluffs.  We saw no flooding, although we know it is very near and along the Missouri River, had a great time at the reunion, talked a bit about RAG to some her cohorts from years back and on the way back home purposely drove through Audubon…and there was Albert the Bull in all his glory.  We didn’t check out the color of his “nads”, but  I can tell you he’s a big, big bull and he’s NOT the one  I saw being pulled by a pickup a few days before.  This guy is going nowhere unless a large crane or several sticks of dynamite is part of the process.  Today we got to see our middle grandson, aged 13, as he arrived in Guthrie Center for a junior high church camp.  He is now nearly as tall as his father…and me…, has braces on his teeth~a new development that  I didn’t know about, his voice is still a bright soprano…not a hint of change yet, and of course, he’s a bit embarrassed to be hugged by his grandparents in front of his friends…especially potential girlfriends.  To say that he’s “in the process of change, but not in any desirable sequence”, would be an understatement.  But then, so are many of his fellow campers for this week. He has grown so fast this summer I have to wonder what he’s been consuming.  And what will 2012 bring?  We have just two more grandchildren that still must undergo this morphosis, a boy 11 and a girl, almost 9.  I’ll be singing “happy birthday” to her somewhere along the RAG route in a couple of weeks.  Anyway,  I’ve tried to concentrate on my RAGBRAI preparation and this weekend has kinda brought me back to a reality check.  With that, it’s a g’night to BRIDER, AdamTX, hayesmd, velogal, and psu333 and the host of RAGGERS who are just looking in on the forum tonight.  Cheers.  Knees. 


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