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Gonna miss y'all this year

After 11 consecutive years of waking up at “Zero dark thirty” on Sunday morning on the last Sunday of the last week of July, somewhere on the West Coast of Iowa, I will be unable to join my family of 10,000 fellow riders, cycling addicts, beer enthusiasts, and slightly deranged individuals (if just for 7 days) on the annual circus adventure across Iowa. 

While you all are out there battling high heat, headwinds, and humidity, dodging the water stream of an Iowa Highway Patrol Troopers water gun, plodding up yet “another damn hill” and having the best week of your lives, I’ll be doing the daily routine here in Virginia while turning EXTREMELY green with jealousy and envy at each and every one of you. So please, have an extra piece of pie and corn on the cob for me, get off your bike and dance WHENEVER you hear ANY BAND playing ANY MUSIC along the route, and for God’s sake, if you see a sign that says “FREE BEER” you must stop and shake the hand of that individual who set up such a great opportunity for you to meet the wonderful Iowa hosts and your fellow riders.
Have fun, be safe, and I will see you all next year at the 40th birthday party! 

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Bobthebiker, July 21, 2011 at 8:02 am

Hey Jack!

Tallahassee Bob here – I’m jonesin too – for only the third time since ’91, I won’t be spending the last full week of July taking down a dew-covered tent in the dark! Today is the day when I “would” pack up my truck and head to Nashville before crossing the Mississippi into Iowa tomorrow. Looks like this year may rival ’99, which I call the “heat year.”

In a curious twist of fate, I’ll actully be vacationing in Iowa the week after RAGBRAI – to see Brian Wilson at the Surf ballroom, followed by three days at
Pike’s Peak State Park (near McGregor) cycling along the river. 

Hope you made it up Potter Hill better than me – for the first time in 17 RAGBRAIs I had to walk part of the way…. And yeah, I’ll be there for the big four oh. 



Bobthebiker, July 21, 2011 at 3:26 pm

Yes, and in ’99, too. I’ve been a Beach boy fan since the 60s, so the chance to see Brian Wilson in that venue is a real treat.


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