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Gravel loop

Any news on this year’s gravel loop? What day, where, elevation, general gnarliness? I have gotten spoiled on wider low pressure tires on my gravel steed and am considering doing the whole week (gasp!) on it.

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David, March 20, 2019 at 11:14 am

[quote quote=1301202]I think they might have an oops on this route map. [/quote]

You are correct, they only add 20.9 miles for the gravel loop but it is actually around 27.7. This has happened on Karras loops maps in the past, only counting the “extra” part but not the repeated part that makes it a loop. I think it has even confused some people because it seemed like far more people were doing it backward.

Obviously, it depends on where you camp. But most of us are going to be around the Mid America Center and then most reasonable places in Atlantic will be 89 miles.

Which is good, we need to make up for Tuesday…


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