Hi Knees!!!

you can start a g’night thread again now!

Hope you are having a jolly good day

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knees36, December 13, 2010 at 8:46 pm

Hello to you, HH!!!  As you might guess from past entries on the RAG forum, I thoroughly enjoy singing in two of our Fort Dodge choral groups (The Sonshine Singers and The Fort Dodge Choral Society), but our last Christmas concert of the year was late yesterday afternoon and  I woke up kinda late this morning and thought…whoa,  I can just relax a bit!!!  Christmas cards are next on my agenda, but today was just a lazy day of organizing the cards~~~tomorrow  I hit that project in earnest.  I send out a fair number of our Sonshine Signer CD’s with some of the cards to special needs people and to family/loved ones, and so maybe it perks up the Christmas spirit a bit.   At least, it’s fun for me.  Yep,  I’m strongly considering doing the “g’night” thread again for this coming cycling year.  Last year was just a “whim”, not knowing how it might go over and hoping that some of our website folk might like it…I’m hoping that turned out to be true which would inspire me for this coming year.  I may wait for a couple of months, though, unless there’s some cycling news/events of note, or otherwise, some other event that a number of our cycling addicts might enjoy!!! Here’s wishing you a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, Helen and a g’night to you, Mary and Michrider who were online until just a moment ago.  Later…Knees.


Michrider !!!, December 14, 2010 at 5:58 am

Hi Knees, glad to hear that your doing well!  I think H.H. is hibernating in San Fran Cisco!


Bartaped, December 14, 2010 at 8:51 am

Knees, Glad to here you are doing well. Was in Woodbine to visit over the T-day holiday. We probably crossed one and others path and missed each other at Rose Vista.

I saw the paintings your mother did that are hanging in the front lobby there. She is one talented painter.

Happy Holidays!


knees36, December 14, 2010 at 8:49 pm

Michrider said: Hi Knees, glad to hear that your doing well!  I think H.H. is hibernating in San Fran Cisco!

“Love” that avatar!!!  And what’s that girl doing in her California weather during Christmas when she could be in the midwest where we’ll have a White Christmas for sure???!!!


knees36, December 14, 2010 at 9:27 pm

Yes, Mark (aka Bartaped) we must have just missed each other at RV.  I did stop in and talked to your mom when  I heard of your father’s passing.  She’s a very nice person to talk to and seemed content with her circumstances at the nursing home.  That’s not always true for some of the residents…because a number of them still want to go “home.” Yes, I believe those are my mother’s paintings up on the wall at Rose Vista, although  I don’t know who might have given them to the nursing home or how they were acquired.  She had quite the natural talent, and surprisingly, she didn’t start to paint until she had retired at age 65…or thereabouts~~~a real live Grandma Moses.  She had absolultely no training at all in art or oils, (had an 8th grade education only) but had that extraordinary ability to look at an old barnboard (her painting surface of choice), examine the grain of the wood and would then decide what she would paint on it.  Her best work was of farm scenes and farm animals and the wildlife of Iowa…and  I’m not talking RAGBRAI’er’s here!!!  Local farmers would contact her when they were going to tear down their old barns and would give her the wood and the only thing they asked in return was a painting of some part of their farmstead.  Whitmore’s store and the craft shop along Highway #30 sold her paintings on commission, she would go to art fairs out of town, and she also took orders by letter (people would send her a check  and ask her to paint $200 worth of pictures) or some such dollar figure.  She has paintings as far as Hawaii and Japan hanging on some lucky persons’ walls.  When we had to sell her home and furnishings at her entry into Rose Vista  I made sure that our sons and our grandchildren had at least one of her paintings..and  I had to pay a pretty price at the sale.  Her paintings were the “hot” items and there were lots of lively bidding on them…and those paintings were her self-imposed rejects…paintings that she felt weren’t quite what she thought they should be.  I have the last painting she worked on…a picture of our 19 year-old dog, Crackers, (our first “child”).  She was never able to finish it to her satisfaction, but it is just fine for us. After reviewing what  I’ve written about my mom into this forum, it seems an ideal way to say g’night to anyone who might be looking on or who might read this entry in the future.  G’night to you this fine, but very cool evening in Iowa.


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