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How many RAGBRAI riders?

Gotta say that I’m looking forward to celebrating the “L” ride as much as I anticipated my very first RAGBRAI although, from a safety and rider experience standpoint, I hope the number of riders is not dramatically larger than what I consider a typical, 20-30 thousand daily rider count. I believe that is an unfair burden to the pass-through and overnight towns and will not generate substantially more income for them, and will decrease the enjoyability that we as riders find so endearing every day of our week in the corn, not to mention the safe flow of bikes versus cars that the state police handle so well. Thoughts?

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Bushmanlives, November 26, 2022 at 7:26 pm

Greetings from Cape Mendocino!
Well I survived the “Green Rush” and Covid shutdowns!
I am looking fore ward to a massive event.

More people equals more money for Iowa businesses and charities.
More chances to see unique costumes and unique bikes etc.
More cool folks to chat with. More people with sound systems on their bikes. I have the utmost confidence in the Officers of the Iowa State Patrol that they can traffic control. And of course…the more people from around the world brings the world closer!
Plus if Ragbrai exceeds 48,616 (udine pedala 2000) it will be a world record…(the day into Des Moines?).
Let’s set a world record and have Ragbrai L in every media world wide.

Ragbrai x8 going for 9

P.s. I already emailed Carol Hunter three months ago about breaking the world record & she responded that …”we will look into it”.
I hope the poor folks at Guinness don’t get into too bad of a fight to see who gets to drink beer, eat bbq, homemade pie in sunny Iowa, record the cyclists and get paid.


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