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How much will the crowds effect my average speed?

I fully expect Ragbrai to be a slower ride, mainly because of the crowds. I’m also not planning on being in “attack mode” anyway, and plan to smell the roses a bit and have lots of fun. But in trying to set my speed expectations, I am wondering how much the crowds will effect my overall speed. Example – I typically cruise on flat or mostly flat rolling terrain at a comfortable 15.5 mph. If I push it, I can average 17 mph, but I don’t plan to push it. Running at my exertion level of 15.5 mph, how much should I calibrate down to account for the crowds? And I’m not factoring in the typical bunch-up near pass through towns – just open road cruising? So, on the open road – if I can “ride all day” at 15.5 mph, what’s a good ballpark speed that I should expect when factoring in the crowded conditions? Should I expect to average 14 mph moving speed, or should I calibrate even lower?

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Davy Sprocket, May 8, 2012 at 8:48 pm

If you ride fast enough, they really don’t slow you down too much. The problem is when the slow-poke’s limbs get stuck in your spokes. lol

Just kick back and enjoy the ride at what ever speed the traffic permits.

Party on Wayne!


jwsknk, May 8, 2012 at 10:56 pm

Day 1-6 leave at camp at 9:00. Maybe not town, but camp. Get into overnight town 6-7. But not necessarly camp. Depends on if we eat supper in last town out, on the way to wherever we are camped, or go straight.there. The15 average is on the open road actually riding, not including time spent in towns. We figure 10 hours for the day no matter the mileage. Day 7 a whole different story. Leave earlier, pick up the pace.stop less. Get in by 1:00


SFC JKL 2, May 9, 2012 at 6:33 pm

I’m with jwsknk. Have breakfast and a beer(I’m not a bloody mary drinker)and try to get out of camp by 8am. Try to make it in sometime between 6-7pm. The last day is more like a sprint to the finish. Everyone is tired and ready to get on the road back home.


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