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I ride with MS

Hi, my name is Matt and this is my first year riding RAGBRAI. A couple years ago I rode across the state on my own but was not during an event like ragbrai. The reason for this post is because I am looking to connect with people riding that either have MS(or chronic illness) or have a close loved on who does. I was diagnosed with MS in 2018 and strive to live my life according to me and not according to MS! Been a successful 4 years thus far which has been a blessing. But looking forward to ragbrai because it is a huge kick to the face of Ms by doing something like this! But would LOVE to connect with others in a similar situation and get to know them and possibly ride along side them during the week!

Can’t wait to connect with people!

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Phil Stearney, July 5, 2022 at 7:44 am

Good for you, Matt. This may be a little removed but my mom passed away a few years ago from Parkinson’s disease. I am riding all week – So if you want to connect, Lmk.


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