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<FONT face=”Times New Roman”>Hello, this is my first time at RAGRBAI. I’m 55 years old and have not been riding for years. I am recovering from cancer and decided it time to get into shape. I’ve been riding almost every day to work & back (10 miles one way, 20 round trip) averaging about 80 miles a week. I already have 350 miles under my belt and my goal is 900 miles before mid July.  I’m hoping to get some weekend 50-60 mile rides in this month. So far I’ve lost about 30 pounds & trimmed the waist line down a few inches. I’m just hope I can keep up with the young kids!  What else do I need to do to tackle the hills and the heat?</FONT>

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 I’m looking for three wrist bands. (Posted on RAGBRAI Blog) My son and my brother son will be riding with me. I’m new and could use any advice anyone has to offer. What should I bring? I will be driving from <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = “urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags” /><st1:place w:st=”on”><st1:City w:st=”on”>Eau Claire</st1:City>, <st1:State w:st=”on”>WI</st1:State></st1:place>.  I want to park at the finish and take the bus to the start and ride back to the car. How much equipment may I bring with me? I understand our equipment will be trucked to each overnight town. Am I missing anything I need to know?   Thanks in advance for your help.


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AnnG, June 4, 2011 at 10:17 am

Welcome to RAGBRAI. and congratulations on your recovery.  With the training that you’ve got planned, I think that you should be able to do okay.  Remember that RAGBRAI is a ride, not a race, so you really don’t need to keep up with anybody.  If your son and nephew want to ride ahead, you can meet up with them later, and there will still be plenty of riders you can ride with who are still going your speed.  If you can do the 50-60 mile rides that you’re talking about, you should be able to handle a day of RAGBRAI.  Try to do some hills during your training too, because we will be doing some climbing the first two days.  A typical RAGBRAI day is a series of 10-15 mile rides interrupted by breaks for food and entertainment.  Drink lots of water.  About what to bring, you didn’t mention what your camping arrangements will be.  If you’re going with a charter service, ask them about what you can bring.  The RAGBRAI truck has limits on what you can bring, so if you plan on using them, find out about that.  Remember that you will need to pack clothing to wear when you’re not on the bike too.  There have been previous threads about what to pack.  Here’s a link to some official suggestions: https://ragbrai.com/about/general-information/#44

Iowa in July tends to be hot and humid, and you will probably end up riding in the rain at least once.  So, it’s helpful to have ziplock bags to keep important things dry.  If you’re camping a tent fan is also a blessing.  Don’t bother to bring food along, because there will be plenty of food available during the ride. 

By the way, it’s helpful for everyone to have cell phones along to help you meet up with your son if you’re separated.  But it’s also helpful to establish a plan ahead of time.  For example, you could meet at the first convenience store on the right side of the road if you’re separated, etc.


RJBTrek, June 10, 2011 at 8:28 pm



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