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Insuring School Bus RV Conversion (skoolie)

Howdy fellow riders! I’m curious. For those of you out there, how do you have your converted school bus insured. It seems easier to do so if it is registered under a business entity. But for those of you out there who’ve registered it as a personal RV, who did you go through? Did it seem there were a thousand hoops to make it happen?

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ak2outside, June 13, 2022 at 1:34 pm

I insured a converted school bus a couple decades ago and the hoops were plenty. I would hope things have changed with the spread of the vagabond lifestyle. Sorry that isn’t the case yet. I had to go through a very small, local, private insurer as a non-standard, recreational, private vehicle. They wouldn’t recognize it as a motorhome because it didn’t not have pressurized water (we had a foot pump).


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