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My husband and I are looking for a Kansas City area team to join and maybe train with. We have both been on RAGBRAI several years, planning on going in 2018 the entire week, are moderate speed riders, and have fortunately or unfortunately gotten accustomed to spending our RAGBRAI nights in an AC cooled camper. We also stop at all craft beer tents. Please let me know if your team is on the lookout for some new riders. Thanks.

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KenH, November 30, 2017 at 7:58 am

If you don’t find a RAGBRAI team from KC it is entirely feasible to go with a team from anywhere. I’ve mostly done the ride from the ACed comfort of a motorhome but I tent camped with a club charter from Clinton, Iowa one year and had a blast. I did not know anyone there at the start of the week but I know several of them now and they took great care of me. It is good to have a riding partner for the ride but you are married to yours so that is taken care of. More can be merrier, no doubt of that, but two is enough and I’ve ridden quite a bit of RAGBRAI solo which was also fine. One thing to consider is that many teams will be tent camping and may not set up in areas where your camper would be welcome. So check that out in advance. My little group of three friends plus a driver some years has traveled in formation a couple of years with a team of tent campers that is organized out of our area of suburban Chicago. They have members from across the country. Sometimes we set up the motorhome with or near them, sometimes we are well removed from them. But we stay in touch through texting.

The two of you can easily train alone and if you would prefer training with a local club just try some and go with one that you like. It does not matter if any of them do RAGBRAI or not. Good luck, I’m sure you will find something and I am sure you will enjoy doing a full week of RAGBRAI.


Bob Waldorf, December 12, 2017 at 5:16 pm

Katie-Look my wife and I up on Facebook. Bob Waldorf and Anne Waldorf. We live in Overland Park and plan on riding Ragbrai all week. We may have several other KC riders going as well. What part of town are you in for rides in the spring?


KatieMiner, December 13, 2017 at 9:17 am

We live in Lees Summit and mostly ride around New Longview and Raintree areas. We also ride the Tour de Beer and Tour de lakes.


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