The Great Iowa Fall Ride registration is open!

Looking to ride both and I have a lot of newbie questions…

Posted this on Reddit but they suggested I post here.
Now that both rides have been announced I’m trying to figure out how to do both rides. I’m already entered into IowasRide, I’ll be entering into RAGBRAI next week.

A little about me: I’m a 1st time rider – coming from California. I’m an experienced cyclist, daily mountain biker, bikepacker, capable with all my gear but I’ll want to use the truck services to haul it from overnight town to town during the event(s). Not sure about charters or shuttles. I’ll be on my Orbea Terra but I’ll have it built up more for gravel and travel (currently it’s built for fast and road). I’ll be doing a few centuries and a double century (Davis Double) this year prior to the ride(s). I can box my own bike, build my own bike, so I don’t need a bike shop for that.

My Orbea Terra

I would be considering a club or charter(?) but looking at doing this on the cheap.

I figure I’ll fly into somewhere with my bike in a bag but then I’m at a loss as to what next. I have a million questions…

  • Where do I leave my bike bag?
  • How do I get from the airport to the start?
  • Once finished with one Iowa’s ride, how reasonable is it to ride to the start of RAGBRAI?
  • Once finished with the RAGBRAI, how do I get my bag, and how do I get back to the airport?
  • What airport? I’ve heard Moline, I’ve heard Dubuque…
  • How many kits should I pack? Other stuff?
  • I’ve read a bunch in the FAQs but they can’t possibly cover all of the logistic questions I have.

    I keep hearing about “Iowa Kind”, can’t wait to experience it, just not at all sure how to make this all happen. Help!

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