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Lost bags in Amana.

Hey ya’ll, hope you all had a safe and fun ride. While I was in Amana I got a flat tire and let the bike repair guys fix it for me. To do that, I had to remove my panniers from the rear of the bike. I left them leaned against the merchandise/payment table at Bike World (who did the repair) just outside of the Millstream Brewing area.

They have yet to be turned in to Lost and Found, and I’m awaiting a response from Bike World. I have contacted all municipalities as well just in case.

I find it hard to believe another rider would have had the space to fit two extra bags or the want to load 20 extra pounds on to their bike. I also find it hard to think that the vendor would leave them there or not turn them in considering where I left the bags under their tent, but I just want to cross all of my avenues.

The bags are grey and black Ortlieb Back Roller Waterproof. I understand my fault in this, but would like to get them back. If anyone knows anything or has information, please let me know.

Thank you!

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