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Maine or NE riders to share a ride?

2 Maine riders looking to team with 1 other vehicle Maine or NE based, to share dropoff and pickup … park 1 vehicle at start point and other vehicle at end point … my truck has 3 bike rack on rear ball hitch and a 2 bike “front wheels off” bike rack on top = 5 bikes = 5 people … other Maine or NE based vehicle can have 3 riders, all 5 ride to start point after leaving 1 vehicle at end point … end of ride, 2 riders head back to start point to pick up vehicle left at start .. clumsny, but no better idears …


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> Professor, March 11, 2011 at 8:14 pm

Consider this- My bus, the JBS, leaves from Hartford, CT. Drive to my place the night before and ride out in comfort. Coach seats, a/c, tunes, plenty of room for bikes & gear. If you’ve done RAGBRAI before you may know the JBS. White with an 8×10 patio tacked on the back. It’s made the trip 5 times.


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