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Mid-ride meeting

My first Ragbrai & I have appreciated all the great advice I have gotten on the Forums. My wife will be touring Iowa by car while I do the ride. We figure she should stay away from the route to avoid zillions of cyclists on the road. BUT, I thought it might be nice to meet in one of the overnite towns so she could get a little of the Ragbrai experience. I am camping with PBV. Any suggestions on the best way to meet-up or is it just unrealistic? Thanks as always!

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jwsknk, May 29, 2019 at 11:07 pm

Meeting up on an overnight shouldn’t be much of a problem. Winterset and Indianola will probably have a lot of traffic coming in from Des Moines those nights. PBV is usually a little away from the main camp. I assume they send out their nightly locations ahead of time. Find the bike route in and try to avoid that, a couple weeks before the ride the register will also publish a vehicle route map. Each day has a meeting town near half way and that map will show them a way on and out separate of the bikes. She might want to see that once too.


kicks9, May 30, 2019 at 12:24 pm

PBV didn’t use to post their location, but have plenty of signs on route to find their location. She might have a hard time parking near PBV, but if she can find a place to park she should be fine with everything else. She would be able to meet you halfway one or any days on route. Follow the vehicle route and they meet up everyday about midpoint. Then she could experience more of RAGBRAI with you. She might have to park on the edge of town and walk a bit, but it usually works out. Phone signal might be an issue so have plans on how to meet ahead of time. 2 way radios might work?


KenH, May 30, 2019 at 4:03 pm

The support vehicle route maps will be released sometime in July, I believe. She should plan to follow the support vehicle route into and out of either the meeting town for the day or the overnight town, whichever you decide to do. Using that route will keep her away from the bicycle traffic as much as possible. You should also ask this question of PBV. They are a friendly bunch who try to help in any way they can and I would guess that they have handled a request like this a time or two in the past.


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