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My RAGBRAI@Home ended prematurely

I took the week off as happened in past years. Get up about 6 am, eat breakfast, fill my water bottles, check tire pressure, and start to ride by shortly after 7 am. It has been a very hot week so daily ride finishes before noon as possible. Then take shower, have protein shake, order takeout lunch, drink a beer or two, have a nap, watch Netflix, prime video, YouTube.

Unfortunately, the week-long ride ended abruptly yesterday. It was raining in the morning so I decided to join my well social-distanced retired friends to play volleyball, the first time in over four months. Then in the first hour, my gastrocnemius on right leg was torn. I didn’t realize it has been weakened so much that it can’t hold the jumps and sudden turns because the lackness of exercise on those muscle groups even though I have put on most miles on cycling.

Now, I have to give up my last two days of my RAGBRAI@HOME. Sad and start to think what I can do for next one month or two. My last severely torn ACL on the same leg a couple years ago forced me out for 5 months.

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