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My take of 2022

In spite of having three flats and losing some cash, this was one of the better Ragbrai’s for me. My favorite is still 2018, but that is just personal preference. Here are some of the highs and lows of the 2022.
To start, the weather was about as perfect as anyone could imagine. I had expected to be miserably hot and get rained on several days in a row. In stead we had no rain during the rides and there were several very cool days to start the mornings. In fact riding around Elgin on the last day we went through fog that was so dense I couldn’t see the center line. It was cold and spooky! Oh, by the way, this is a thank you to all who brought rain wear. I think it acted like a talisman to ward off the rain. Yes, I am superstitious.

The tailwinds fooled me On several days I was feeling like I was never in such great shape. My worries about the hills were for nothing. Then we turned North into the wind and I saw what shape I really was in. I didn’t have to walk a hill, but that last day was tough for me. Did anyone note the grade of the hill before Gunder? My Garmin was a silhouette against the Sun, but I’m guessing twelve percent.
Another plus of the week was seeing several friends of previous Ragbrai’s and making new ones. It made me feel like I was home.
The negatives I have of the week were food, roads, and Lansing’s last day logistics.
I look forward to spaghetti dinners, but missed it in the one town I saw posted. I am not a lasagna person. I did get excellent corn, but the only watermelon i saw was mediocre at best.
We had several great roads this year, but highway 4 will stand out in my memory. Why we were on it three days in a row is beyond me. I’ve thought alternate words to “On the Road Again”:
On the 4 again,
Just can’t stand to ride the 4 again.
All the bumps and cracks are hurting my behind
Aren’t there other roads that we could find?

The last day was awkward at Lansing. Space seemed to be a premium in Lansing, so luggage from the truck had to be stacked. Normally it can be spread out. Then we had to load our bags onto a school bus and follow it on bikes to the parking area. Getting out of parking was not clearly marked, so people were yelling at me for being in the bus lane. We were not allowed to drive back into town, but that was OK. I just wanted to get going.

Weird things.
This year will stand out as the year of the horse. I am surprised that no one has mentioned it yet. I didn’t see it, but I heard near first hand accounts. A horse ran across the route around 6:30 the first day. The full road of cyclists had to come to a fast stop. No one was injured, but a hand cycle was damaged by the horse. Does anyone know what happened to the horse?

In Lansing before the ride, a siren went off. It sounded like a noon test, but it went on for several minutes. I learned from locals that it was the call to volunteer firefighters of a fire.

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cannontandem, September 20, 2022 at 5:37 pm

Potter Hill starts at elevation 750′ or slightly less and goes up to 1150′ but the last 10′ gain is a very slight slope and I didn’t include it. The first segment is short but steep. I remember we had a hard time on that with our tandem. Below I have shown the elevation gain/horizontal distance/percent grade. I doubled the map scale from may previous post for better accuracy. There was no downward section on this hill.
Starting from the bottom:
20′ 63′ 31.7%
30′ 383′ 7.8%
70′ 1650′ 4.2%
120′ 1004′ 12.0%
50′ 392′ 12.8%
70′ 638′ 11.0%
30′ 496′ 6.0%
390′ 4666′ 8.35%
118.1 meters 1.42 kilometers


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