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New bike or not?

A few years ago I bought a Trek 7.1 Hybrid. It fit my low budget at the time, but I’ve grown to love that bike and ended up doing my first RAGBRAI on it in 2015. Seemed to do just fine for me, but I was usually lagging behind my friends. I’ve also had people tell me that my bike seems pretty heavy.

So I’m looking at doing this year’s RAGBRAI and I’m debating buying a road bike to make the ride a little easier on me. My question is: Since I already love my 7.1 and find it comfortable, should I just invest in some skinnier tires and call it good? Or will I improve my ride dramatically by switching to a road bike? Money is always an issue, so if I did buy a new bike it would be in the lower price range ($700 area)

Thanks for any input.

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Dockat, February 26, 2018 at 3:47 pm

Rule 12


Dockat, February 26, 2018 at 3:51 pm

[quote quote=1281300]Thanks for your input. The comfortable riding position (and the cheap price) was exactly why i bought the bike in the first place. I have handlebar extensions so i can reposition my hands throughout the ride so that helps too. I’m starting to lean towards changing out the tires instead of investing in a new bike just for RAGBRAI.[/quote]

If you can put Continental Gator Hardshells on they are great for road and tougher than nails.


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