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New Hampshire training partner!!!

I am a 20+ year RAGBRAI veteran, living in Nashua, NH. Am looking for a training partner to ride with getting ready for July! Hit me up if you are close by and want to ride!

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Joe Stalvey, June 17, 2018 at 9:05 pm

Bob, this is off-topic, but I figured there was no harm in asking since we are in the same general region. I live near Albany, NY, and have bought Amtrak tickets to get out and back. How are you traveling?


Bob Rausa, June 18, 2018 at 7:01 pm

I fly into Omaha, then out of either Quad Cities/Moline or Chicago airports. I have used “Bikeflights” to ship my bike out the last few years, and UPS/FedEx in the past. I NOW have a road bike IN Iowa so I don’t have to mess with shipping/building/disassembling etc for the ride.

Look up the charter “Pork Belly Ventures” on the RAGBRAI site and you’ll see they have bus service from Omaha to the start and a few options from the end town to the airports and DesMoines. I use the Pork Belly charter for lugging my gear and camping every year as they have showers, hotmeals, full support services and the ala-cart bus transportation for us “out of towners.”

Had not thought about Amtrak, but may look into it next year! Is this your first time? If you want to chat more in detail, write back!

5 more weeks!!!! :)


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