New year, new website, new yucks 🤪

Let’s take this baby for a test ride and see how it handles! If I don’t hit any bumps and crash, I’ll post a new joke starting tomorrow. Keep your fingers crossed.

Hip hip hooray for ALL of Team Ragbrai at the DMR, from the Pilot to the Stoker to all of the links in this chain.

See you along the I-O-Way in July!!!

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T. Gap Woo, July 5, 2021 at 8:10 am

I know an old gent named Ike.
He loves his recumbent trike!

He rides night and day.
Nothing stands in his way.

Ike really likes his ol’ bike!

🤪 (rim shot)

See you along the I-O-Way in a few short weeks.


T. Gap Woo, July 6, 2021 at 8:13 am

There was a shy biker named Sid.
Sid was an unusual kid.

When asked by a girl
To go for a whirl,

Sid jumped off his bike and Sid hid!

🤪 (rim shot)

See you along the I-O-Way in a few short weeks.


HelenP, July 6, 2021 at 3:24 pm

An elephant biker packed pretty,
With trunks in her front and back sitting,
Grey faced, rather saggin’,
Climbed onto the wagon,
But, first pub, fell off in Sac City.


T. Gap Woo, July 7, 2021 at 8:11 am

A local police department in my hometown decided to conduct a bicycle-ride fundraiser several years ago, back in the “good old days” before Covid. Planning was meticulous, with everything worked out down to the last detail: route signage; sag wagons; refreshment stops; traffic control; the whole shebang!

On the day of the ride, disaster struck. In the wee hours of the morning before the ride rolled out, someone stole all of the kybos. The thief or thieves left no clues, so the police had nothing to go on.

🤪 (rim shot)

See you along the I-O-Way in a bit more than two weeks!


Rob Fuller, July 7, 2021 at 10:47 am

From LeMars to Sac City
We were all feelin’ witty
Then came Waterloo
Full party and brew
Now back on the bike. What a pity!


T. Gap Woo, July 8, 2021 at 8:22 am

FWIW, I’ll be off the grid for the next 10ish days, in the internet-free hinterlands. Before I go, here’s a Tom Swifty to hold you over:

“My bicycle wheels are broken and out-of-true!” Tom spoke out.

🤪 (rim shot)

See you along the I-O-Way in a few short weeks.


Rob Fuller, July 8, 2021 at 4:57 pm

Le Mars Sac City hullabaloo
F Dodge I Falls and Waterloo
Anamosa D Witt Clinton
We are not quittin’
Oh HelenP, where is T. Gap Woo?


HelenP, July 8, 2021 at 5:06 pm

“Using my road bike for that was a poor choice,” Tom continued in a gravelly voice.


HelenP, July 8, 2021 at 5:54 pm

Without prime puns by Uno Woo,
The discount rack still has some deals:
“So Arch are Ye”, by Rob N. Hood,
and “Wild E-bikes”, by Helen Wheels.


Rob Fuller, July 8, 2021 at 9:35 pm

“I don’t believe there will be a RAGBRAI stage on Friday” Tom said unWittingly.


HelenP, July 9, 2021 at 4:39 am

Day 2 Haiku

Countless rows race by,
Line up across the land,
In earshot, Fort Dodge.


HelenP, July 12, 2021 at 4:25 pm

Ex libris HelenP

“Nondestructive Recycling of Innertubes”, by Reeve R. Ryde, Maka Splashe, and Io A. Falls.


Rob Fuller, July 13, 2021 at 11:14 am

Corn high
Corn low
Corn all I can see
Gear high
Gear low
I wonder how wide my tires should be?


Matthew Lewis, July 13, 2021 at 12:28 pm

well there’s no way to post a new thread today (July 13, 2021).
anyone else having problems getting the iOS app to update?
I deleted the old app & data and reinstalled…..
error message about not being connected to internet.
perhaps server is overloaded?
will Drunkbrian have his app this year?


HelenP, July 13, 2021 at 5:29 pm

Festival for me and you,
Music, food, and drink, wahoo!
So pedal fast and long we do,
For party time in Waterloo!


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