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Newbie creating team out of Minneapolis

Hey All,
Looking forward to my first RAGBRAI (riding solo this year) and thinking about assembling a team (for next year probably since we’re 3 days away!). I am 41 years old and have been cycling my whole life, have three little girls and work a desk job at the bank. Looking for folks in a similar demographic to join me on a cycling team for next year. I have a 30′ travel trailer with 5 bunks and ample room for 5 riders in the tow vehicle. Team support would include transportation of you and your gear to and from RAGBRAI, air conditioned bunk, lawn chair, shower, and beer (or small amount of room in the fridge/cooler.)
Those of you that have participated in teams with similar amenities, what is the typical cost/charge? Is there any interest from folks in Minneapolis to join a team?

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CTRolling, July 20, 2022 at 2:24 pm

I’m not up to join your 2023 team, but if you have room for a rider, bike and luggage post ride from Lansing this year I’d love to connect. I have a flight out of MSP around 8:30pm Saturday and just need to get to MSP airport, I’m all set getting to the start town.


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