RAGBRAI LI Day Passes are still available!

Original RAGBRAI article (Des Moines Register 1973) 1+ days left auction on EBAY

This is the real thing (no reprint) to make this a really cool souvenir!

1+ days left for this auction!!!

Go to EBAY and type “RAGBRAI Article” Once there you will see the original article featured here on RAGBRAI.com (the article that started it all). Couldn’t believe I found it in my basement last year under some flooring. It is the living section of the Des Moines Register 1973 – Sunday Morning July 22, 1973 to be exact. It is up for bidding to anyone who would love to have this great souvenir! – By the way, RAGBRAI was awesome this year! Enjoyed every bit of it (even Twister Hill) and I can’t wait till next year! See you either on EBAY (remember 1+ days left for this auction) or next year on the road!

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