Padre's St Louis Area Charter

Hey, anyone looking for a great charter service from the St Louis area check out Padre’s. We are continuing our First Class Service with this Ragbrai Charter. Our charter offers options, for full pampered tent service, or charter service only without the tent service. We are also offering our
St Louis Shuttle. Each of the services can be ordered separately and only require a $100 deposit at this time. We are going to be camping in the same areas with Bubba just like we did last year. The only difference is that you will need to register with me separately this year.
Padre’s also offers the same First Class Tent Hospitality Service on several other bicycle tours including, Bike Florida, Cycle Zydeco, BAK, Katy Trail, Ragbrai, XOBA, DALMAC and a new ride that we are offering for 2012
Bike GapCo.
You can find details on these and other rides at <FONT color=#35349a></FONT&gt;

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Half Fast otti, February 19, 2011 at 6:29 am

I am going with Padre this year for the 1st time.  Heard about  Padre’s operation from a few other folks last year on a century.  So decided to dump the other operation I had used in years past and give him a try.
  From what I heard from others and from my personal conversations with Padre, things have already been better than the previous outfit.   Just can’t hardly wait for July now.   Am bringing a couple other buddies along to join our other 20,000 closest friends for the week!    See you all out on the road or while eating pie or porrrrkkkkkk chops.


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