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Pass Through Town

Does anyone know when the pass-through towns (the entire route) will be announced?

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Joseph Schlau, January 30, 2023 at 8:03 pm

Usually in March. There will be preliminary route maps posted then and the final versions in July.


bugs11, January 31, 2023 at 10:37 am

Yeah, a RAGBRAI group ride the entire route in May/June to identify any issues with the roads/route. I’ve noticed on past rides that a lot of county roads were recently patched up, new signage and painted lines. Though I also recall some very messed up and down right dangerous stretches of county road also, especially in western Iowa.


jbloom, January 31, 2023 at 12:05 pm

Any speculation about what some of the pass thru towns might be? My thoughts;

Day 1: Sioux City->Storm Lake it seems like the route will have to go thru at least one of these: Kingsley, Pierson, Washta, Quimby.

Day 2: Storm Lake->Carroll Early, maybe Wall Lake or Lake View. Curious how far west of Hwy 71 we might be, big rollers over that way…

Day 3: Carroll->Ames I’m thinking Lidderdale, Churdan, Paton, Boone

Day 4: Ames-> Des Moines Slater, Polk City, Ankeny

Day 5: Des Moines-> Tama Hmmm… Bondurant, Baxter?

Day 6: Tama->Coralville Bel Plaine, thru the Amanas

Day 7: Coralville->Davenport Either a route thru West Branch or West Liberty


awdgg phan, January 31, 2023 at 3:03 pm

Day 4: Ames-> Des Moines …. Pass thru Madrid(high trestle trail/bridge)?


Rob Fuller, January 31, 2023 at 5:26 pm

A good hint on pass through towns may be past RAGRAI’s. See the past cities grid – but of course, no guarantees.


Tim Tysver, January 31, 2023 at 6:03 pm

Day 1 Sioux City, Kingsley, Washta, Quimby, Cherokee, Aurelia, Alta, Storm Lake is no US Highways and 77.7. Cherokee as the meeting point. That’s a lot of beer tents :)
Day 2: Storm Lake, Newell, Sac City, Lake View, Wall Lake, Carroll. 66.9 miles. Lake View meeting town.
Day 3 Carroll, Lidderdale, Lanesboro, Churdon, Boxholm, Pilot Mound, Boone, Ames. 88 miles No idea on Meeting Town as Boone is really close to the finish. Churdan could go from 363 folks to 25, 363 for lunch.
Day 4: Guessing they will want folks off the roads before 3ish due to suburb afterwork traffic heading NB. Ames, Slater, Sheldah, Andrews, Polk City, Johnston, Des Moines. 46 miles. Polk City Meeting Town.
Day 5. Lots of Beer Stops: DSM, Altoona, Michellville, Colfax, Newton, Grinnel, Gilman, Montour, Toledo. 88 miles with Newton as the Meeting town.
Day 6: Toledo, Can’t find any roads going East but hitting Belle Plaine, then Marengo, and then your guess is a good as mine how to hit the Amanas (maybe South Amana, West Amana, Amana, Coraville. Marengo Meet Town. This would be around 70 miles.
Day 7 Coraville West Branch, West Liberty, Atalissa, Wilton, Durlant, Walcot, Davenport. Easy 68 miles Meet town of West Liberty.
That’s 39 pass through towns and 504 miles.


Tim Tysver, January 31, 2023 at 6:18 pm

This from the Des Moines Register: Along the way riders will be treated to a generous serving of Iowa hospitality, with 42 pass-through and meet-up towns adding up to a total of 50 communities visited, as compared to 38 on the 2022 ride. It’s a town for every year of the ride.

How did I miss three pass thru towns :(


HelenP, February 1, 2023 at 9:19 am

It looks like biking near, but not on, US Route 30 from Carrol to Ames would fit well, at 82 miles total, with easy access for motor vehicles from that highway.

Carroll, Lidderdale,
— then South to cross US 30, staying just South of it from —
MEETING: Jefferson,
Grand Junction,
— then North to cross US 30 at —

For the Karras Loop, a giant “L” could be traced out around Berkley, Rippey, and the Snake Creek Wildlife area — starting roughly 10 minutes East after Grand Junction.

Who knows the area? Would it work well?


HelenP, February 11, 2023 at 9:41 pm

What about something like the following route?
(Also, does anyone have a guess about Gravel Day?)

SUN Day 1: Sioux City to Storm Lake, 78 / 77 mi. with 3,504 ft.
Sioux City, (Lawton), Moville, (Kingsley), Pierson, Washta, Quimby, MEETING: Cherokee, Aurelia, Alta, Storm Lake

MON Day 2: Storm Lake to Carroll, 62.3 / 62 mi. with 1,818 ft.
Storm Lake, Newell, N 16th St (Sac City), Lake View Bike Arch, Breda, Carroll

TUE Day 3: Carroll to Ames, 82.4-101 / 83 mi. with 1,479 ft.
Carroll, Lidderdale, Lanesboro, MEETING: Churdan, Paton,
[Karras Loop: (B Ave and 130th St), Harcourt, Lanyon, (Co Hwy P46 and 130th St),]
(Boxholm), Pilot Mound, Boone, Jordan, Ames

WED Day 4: Ames to Des Moines, 48.8 / 50 mi. with 1,216 ft.
Ames, Kelley, Slater, Sheldahl, Polk City, MEETING: Ankeny, Saylorville, The Des Moines Register, Water Works Park (RAGBRAI Founders Statue)

THU Day 5: Des Moines to Tama-Toledo, 85.2 / 82 mi. with 3,652 ft.
Water Works Park, The Des Moines Register, Altoona, Colfax, MEETING: Newton, Grinnell, Tama-Toledo

FRI Day 6: Tama-Toledo to Coralville

NORTHERN 80.2 / 80 mi. with 3,276 ft.
80.2 mi. Tama-Toledo, Vining, Elberon, Keystone, Van Horne, Newhall, Atkins, MEETING: Cedar Rapids, Western, Shueyville, Swisher, North Liberty, Coralville

SOUTHERN 79.2 / 80 mi. with 3,276 ft.
79.2 mi. Tama-Toledo, Chelsea, Belle Plaine, Koszta, MEETING: Marengo, South Amana, West Amana, Middle Amana, Amana, Walford, Swisher, North Liberty, Coralville, S.T. Morrison Park

SAT Day 7: Coralville to Davenport, 65.8 / 66 mi. with 1,604 ft.
S.T. Morrison Park (Coralville), Iowa City, (Herbert Hoover Hwy SE), West Branch, Downey, West Liberty, Atalissa, (Moscow), MEETING: Wilton, Durant, Stockton, Walcott, Davenport


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