Pedaling Pandas Looking for Riders!

We’re a startup charter service offering a family like camping/glamping experience!

We notice not many charters post in this forum, so we won’t abuse this privilege and will limit our posting to just this one.

While we are new this year, we aren’t new to this. We’ve been involved in logistics planning for RAGBRAI Teams since 2014 and decided to venture out and offer our services to a larger group.

We’re capping our 1st year registration to 110 riders.

Charter service will pick riders/bikes/gear up in Clinton Iowa on the morning of July 18th and head to the starting town to begin the festivities!

We provide lots of goodies to our riders including the daily setup/breakdown of a luxurious Gazelle T4 Hub Tent (Everyone gets to stand!…Unless you’re like 6’6″ or taller lol), an inflatable air mattress, charging station, bike work station, snacks, hot/cold beverages, 4 in camp meals, daily towel service upon request and much more!

We’re also ecofriendly using as many biodegradable brands/materials as we can find!

One of our greatest qualities though, is that riders who have been with us on past teams have always praised us on making them feel like part of the family. We do what we love and just love what we do!

If you’re considering a first time charter service, or looking to make a change, please consider Pedaling Pandas. We’d love to opportunity to serve you. For more info, please send an email to or visit us at

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Sandaltan ., February 10, 2020 at 6:14 pm

Please continue to post. Tell us about your tentage, photo welcome. More options are always welcome.



Pedaling Pandas, February 11, 2020 at 10:15 pm

Well Thanks Sandaltan! Appreciate that! And since you asked, here’s a link to our Gazelle Tent demo setup! We LOVE this tent!


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