I remember reading the forums before last years RAGBRAI about drinking pickle juice and thinking GROSS!! Then on the 1st day there were actualy vendors on the side of the road selling pickles and pickle juice. I chuckled to myself until 5 miles from the first overnight town I bonked. That last 5 miles I crawled into town. When I got to camp (PBV) one of the staff realized I was in pain and got me a cup of pickle juice. I drank it and 30 min later I felt 100% better. I was drinking tons of water but still bonked.
The rest of the Days I stopped halfway on the route, had a pickle and drank some pickle juice. I never cramped up again. This will be my RAGBRAI tradition from now on.

Anybody else have this same experience? Opinions?

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Sandaltan ., March 5, 2017 at 9:54 am

I like Gringonick’s ride regimen ending with a cool vodka lemonade. We always look for a cinnamon roll to go with the morning bloody mary, a tradition with us.



Jack in VA, March 5, 2017 at 2:14 pm

On the first day last year, I got into camp with no problems. About an hour later, the FUN began: my calfs on both legs rocked up simultaneously, and when I tried to stand and walk / stretch, my upper thighs also both cramped. Somehow I made it over to the PBV vending table and slammed down two cups of pickle juice, along with another bottle of water. The cramps quickly subsided! I spent another hour slowly walking/ stretching, and using my massage roller on the legs. No more problems the rest of the week.


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