place to sleep in council bluffs, wrist band placement?

We are shuttling from Keokuk to Council Bluffs sat morning, do people usually set up camp the night before the ride starts as well? This is my first ragbrai so I’m trying to figure this all out without panicking so much, hah. My partner and I are also week long riders, we received our wristbands in the mail. I’ve seen pics of where people put them on their bikes? there wasn’t much direction in the pack.

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Dueywife, July 17, 2019 at 9:08 am

Welcome to the Ragbrai. You should have 2 bands, one silver for you (rider) and one yellow for the bike (bike band). Both will be marked. There should have also been the order form which tells you which set goes to which rider (rider #). Make sure rider, bike, and luggage tag #s all match. The rider band you’ll wear on the wrist, the bike band goes on the bike, and the luggage tag goes on your bag for the luggage truck.

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Camping will be available in Council Bluffs. Check here:


RDaryl Daryl, July 17, 2019 at 9:20 am

Note that you will need to transport your bags from your charter camp area where they unload most charters (west of the Mid America Center) to the official baggage truck camp location at 23rd Ave and Horseshoe Blvd (northeast of the Mid America Center).


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