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Camper parking

First time as a week long rider and our small team of 4 or 5 will have a truck and pop up camper. Should we apply for housing with the individual towns for a place to park or just wing it. Have arrangements for 2 or 3 of the nights so far. Will there be camp grounds to accommodate us or should we just find a parking lot?

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KenH, May 3, 2017 at 7:42 am

In theory, to park in the official campgrounds you need to have a support vehicle pass for your truck. I’ve always had one so I cannot tell you how strict they are about enforcing this rule. A couple of years ago Sioux City, thank you very much, turned us away from all of their campgrounds because they were already full and we parked the first night in a bank parking lot near the Expo with several other motorhomes and campers who were met with the same “greeting” due to Sioux City’s lack of planning and concern. We did not have any trouble from the local police or anyone else over our selection of camp site but then we did have a pass and we would have raised a stink about it if anyone had objected. In my opinion it is best to get a vehicle pass if you can snag one as they go on sale from folks who have decided that either they or their support vehicle won’t be going to Iowa this year. Next year, get one when you register you team.

Or you can take a risk with getting kicked out of the official campgrounds or whatever ad hoc campground you make for yourself. You undoubtedly could also make arrangements with each host town for a campsite with some willing local who might expect a nominal fee. One year we traveled with a larger team that used a mix of official and self arranged campsites so that can work out fine if you do the work up front.


mjepson, May 3, 2017 at 3:59 pm

Hi Cory,
I just looked you up in the registration system and your group has an RV pass which is what you need in order to access the RAGBRAI RV campgrounds. There will be an RV campground for RVs and campers in each of the overnight towns. Feel free to email me at info@ragbrai with any questions and I’ll help you out.



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