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The RAGBRAI team does an inspection of the full route and touches base with the route towns every year by actually riding the route on bicycles starting about 50 days before the real ride takes place. They have not made much of a splash about this this year but the ride is going on right now. You can see written reports and photos by scrolling down to the bottom of the main page, a place some of you rarely go. You can also check out the “Just Go Bike’ podcast which is always a great place to get cycling and RAGBRAI information. This week it covers the pre-ride at the end of each day and is hosted by two women who as delightful as they are as individual hosts somehow manage to take that to a whole ‘nuther level when they are togeter: Andrea Parrot and Kathy Murphy. It’s not to be missed, really!

For all you newbies they have announced that starting next week, I think but soon anyway, they will have a series of podcasts for newbies titled RAGBRAI 101.

For gravel riders there was some information of interest in the day 3 report. The gravel team rode the 15 mile leg from near the start to Webster City and reported a few rolling hills and a surprisingly varied surface. Apparently every kind of gravel you see used anywhere in this region of the US was reoresented somewhere in that 15 miles. There was even mention of rocks mixed with sand which brings back nightmares of 2018 for me, except to be fair that was more like sand mixed with rocks!!

And what about the remaining 30 miles or so? Well, in what is an uncharacteristic lapse, in my opinion, they totally failed to ride that portion of the route, GRRRRR! Evidently the gravel team got wind of the fact that Mr Porkchop was set up on the main route somewhere past Webster City and in a major dereliction of duty they decided to skip the rest of the gravel to get a porkchop. I don’t say this sort of thing often but they should be flogged. Or at least sent back to Webster City and made to ride the remainder on 23 mm tires!

All we know about the remainder of the gravel route at this point is that there will be some food vendor/aid stations on that long and townless part of the gravel route.

So check out the ride reports for plenty of route reports, fun facts, and things you might want to eat, drink, and see in July!

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Scott, July 1, 2021 at 10:54 am

Hey Ken,

We got together and decided no one wanted to get flogged so we tossed on the 23’s and headed back to Webster City to check out the 2nd half of the gravel day. Gravel was in excellent condition and the views were spectacular. Be on the look out for Brian to post some pics of the day but you can also check out my Strava ride as I snapped a few as well.

Sorry for skipping it first time around but it had been soooooo long since a Sassy Lemonade touched my lips I couldn’t pass that up!


KenH, July 1, 2021 at 12:08 pm

Scott, Scott, Scott oh how I have misjudged you! You are a prince among men and I am the one who should be flogged!! Thanks for the report and I look forward to the pics.

Sassy Lemonade is a national treasure, no man can resist the temptation.


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