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First time rider here! As someone who eats within 10 minutes of waking up everyday or I feel sick, how does breakfast work? Do you ride to the first town to eat or should I plan on stocking up on bars/bananas or what I can get my hands on for first thing in the morning?

Thank you!

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KenH, July 16, 2019 at 3:40 pm

Fungus … could grow on you … GROAN!

I’m not a huge fan of fungi but a mushroom omelette don’t sound too bad. I prefer a nice Farm Kids breakfast bowl or a local fundraiser pancake breakfast first thing in the morning. But an omelette for SECOND breakfast? Capital idea!!

How can I eat all that and still ride all day? Well, if I DON’T eat like that and keep eating like that all day long, I WILL bonk after about 50 or 60 miles. I don’t know how we can vary that much given that we are all from the same species but we do. Whatever works for you, nutrition wise, is what you should do on this ride.


Alan_50501, July 16, 2019 at 11:06 pm

There used to be someone just outside of the town when you left..had some kind of breakfast sandwich..I cant remember the guys name


Stacy Orndorff, July 17, 2019 at 10:29 am

We have Steak & Egg Breakfast Bowl and Cinnamon Roll Waffle Bites along with the best coffee on the route including signature lattes, espresso shots, cold brew, etc.

Here’s where we will be (a little further than you hoped, but totally worth it! Look for our Red Flailing Sky Puppet (and road signs).

Here’s where to find us:
Sunday, Day 1: City of Underwood (13 miles)
Monday, Day 2: City of Anita (13 miles)
Tuesday, Day 3: RAGBRAI’s Iowa AG Oasis at Howells Greenhouse and Pumpkin Patch (10 miles)
Wednesday, Day 4: Lake Ahquabi State Park, Izaac Walton League Reserve (5 miles)
Thursday, Day 5: OC Trucking before West Grove. (13 miles)
Friday, Day 6: City of Stockport, IA Ragbrai 2019 (13 miles)
Saturday, Day 7: City of Middletown Iowa (5 miles)

Coffee & Nosh
(Big Black Food Truck)


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