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Ragbrai & Bix7 in Davenport

As a Davenport citizen living in downtown Davenport by the great Mississippi River & riding the Ragbrai for the first time this year, I have never been so excited for the end of July! The city of Davenport as you can see is just shy of 100k population.  The Bix 7 will bring in about 12-18 thousand runners. Having these two events come together will be insane.

Here is what I recommend, don’t limit Davenport for your plans! Even though Davenport is the end city, Bix7 is a Quad City party (our metro of 3 other cities), their are plenty of bike trails to hop you over into Illinois where the party continues. This will perhaps relieve some congestion I can see happening.
Also since these two events will bring in a lot of out of town guests that plan on staying in hotels, I would recommend booking one now if you plan on staying in one. Also search Rock Island & Moline, IL for hotels as well, as they are less than a 5 min bike ride away!

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tedski65, February 23, 2011 at 2:51 pm

Tony said:

miata50613 said: And it’s possible to do both the full RAGBRAI and the BIX 7 Race!   It will mean a long 140 mile ride on Friday, but it has been a few years since I’ve run BIX and miss it!   Gotta logistically figure it all out, but what a challenge!   A group of us the did it – the  “double day” – in 2008 when RAGBRAI ended in LeClaire … Fun Fun!

We discussed this last night. We intend to take this up with the Cornbelt Running Club, Davenport RAGBRAI, and Joe. I think the best option is to shuttle runners from Coralville in the morning or Friday night to Davenport. Then shuttle them back to Coralville afterwards to ride there bikes to Davenport. So stay tuned.

Any new info about doing the double?


John L, February 23, 2011 at 6:21 pm

@sknk wow you have covered some ground. I am looking at a ride up to the northeast or up the Mississippi from down here.


jwsknk, February 24, 2011 at 8:32 am

John L said: @sknk wow you have covered some ground. I am looking at a ride up to the northeast or up the Mississippi from down here.

we wanted something shorter than what we did in ’95. ( 10 weeks from LA to DC, 5,300 miles) Up the Mississippi  was about 2,300-2,500 miles, 5 weeks. About 3 up to Davenport. Crossed that river so many times, once by ferry and once waded across and the water wasn’t even up to our knees.


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