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RAGBRAI Don't Care

We finally broke down and bought a new car this past December. It came with a Sirius radio which I could find no use for until I happened on the Bluesville channel. The last two times I have driven up to central Wisconsin to visit my family they played the following song which reminded me of Michrider’s tag line. Now keep in mind that while we mostly pronounce RAGBRAI as rag-br-eye, John Karras insists that it should be pronounced rag-bray, yet for some reason the residents of Cook County, Illinois pronounce it the-blues. So, I have changed the lyric to reflect our way of pronouncing the word:

RAGBRAI Don’t Care
Frank Bang & The Cook County Kings

RAGBRAI don’t care if you’re wrong or right
RAGBRAI don’t care if you’re black or white
It don’t matter where you’re coming from
Where you been or what you done
RAGBRAI don’t care

RAGBRAI don’t care if you’re big or tall
RAGBRAI don’t care if you’re fat or small
It don’t matter if you’re an angel or sinner
Small time loser or a big-time winner
RAGBRAI don’t care

RAGBRAI has got a mighty deep soul
Got a big heart don’t you know
But Don’t go looking for no sympathy
RAGBRAI come hard
and it ain’t free
RAGBRAI don’t care

RAGBRAI don’t care how much money you make
RAGBRAI don’t care if you give or take
It don’t matter if you’re sick of will
headed to heaven or going through hell
RAGBRAI don’t care

RAGBRAI don’t care if you smoke or drink
RAGBRAI don’t care if you stop and think
If you’re on the bus or riding in the car
Headed to church or sitting in a bar
RAGBRAI don’t care

RAGBRAI don’t care anything about you
RAGBRAI is a part of life
you got to pay your dues
Don’t blame RAGBRAI whenever you lose
Can’t blame RAGBRAI for what you choose
RAGBRAI don’t care

With apologies to The Blues Don’t Care, Frank Bang and the Cook County Kings

4 Replies

Jboz, March 31, 2017 at 1:27 pm

That’s awesome! As a Chicago guy, I do love me some blues.


Richard Arnopolin, April 25, 2017 at 9:50 pm

you want to sing the blues?
try being a life long White Sox fan.
This past year has been murder.


“Bicycle Bill”, April 25, 2017 at 11:10 pm

Ain’t that the truth, Richard — and it’s gotten even worse these days what with all those smug northsiders running around now.



KenH, April 28, 2017 at 11:04 am

I’ve lived in the ‘burbs for about 40 years now and for half of my life before that I lived just a bit west of Aurora. I’ve never subscribed to the Cubs/Sox: pick one, hate the other, theory. It was magical when the Sox won the series a few years back. It was magical to watch Cubs fans celebrate last fall after 108 years of frustration. I’d love to see a crosstown Series and I would not care who won! I’d love to have to drag my folding bike off the Metra train a few stops early again next fall because the thing just got too full to take any more passengers and was going to express the rest of the way downtown to the big celebration. It’s good to live in Title Town no matter which team took the honors!


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