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RAGBRAI dreams fading. Can anyone please help?

We are a team of six (5 adults and one 5 year old ready for his first RAGBRAI). We rented an RV and have driven all the way from Philadelphia. Our RV broke down in Portage, IN, and we are stranded. No one can even look at it until Monday. We can’t find a replacement or even a rental car that can transport us and our hitch bike rack.

I don’t know what anyone can do, but posting here is my last idea. If anyone can help get us and our bikes to Onawa it would save our trip. We have trained and planned and gotten all excited and are now just sitting watching our dream fall apart. Any help or ideas would be more than welcome. Please.

Thank you.

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JLVanPelt, July 21, 2018 at 5:46 am

Did you post this on the RAGBRAI page? There might be teams, trailers, etc coming from the East who would see it? Also, you need a large vehicle. I wonder if you could reach out to any trucking companies in the area who might have a driver without a load heading this direction or who could get you to Chicago were you might find an RV rental? I’m sure you’d have to sign waivers up the wazoo but I’m sure at this point you would be willing. It looks like there are two RV dealers next to Portage. I’m sure you’ve reached out. If all they do is sales, perhaps with enough money and proof of insurance they would be willing to let you take one out for a very extended test drive. Heck at this point, I’d be putting posters up in truck stops and highway gas stations. Of course, I’d also ask for two character references and a background check before I jumped in a stranger’s vehicle but I’m sure there are still good people who would be willing to help. I actually pulled up Portage on a map to see if I knew anyone nearby but I don’t. It doesn’t look like you are all that far from Chicago. Have you tried Uber XL or limo services in Chicago. Again, super pricey but better than wasting all the trip. It just seems like your options in Chicago would be far greater. Good luck. I can’t imagine the disappointment. I will be checking to hear how this pulls together for you!


Betty Wehrenberg, July 21, 2018 at 6:29 am

Don’t give up! Maybe a bike club will see your post and offer to pick you all up! Lots of them coming from different directions! Contact a bike shop near you! They may have an idea! Hope to see you on the road!


bmyoungberg, July 21, 2018 at 8:14 am

Maybe rent a uhaul for the gear and a car for participants. Anyone can rent a smaller truck. Have someone stay back with RV and get there Tuesday. Until then can check in Onawa andDenison and someone probably can put you up for night. Alternatively, just wait in Indiana and start on Tuesday in Jefferson. Good luck


Sara Shreve-Price, July 21, 2018 at 10:02 pm

Thanks for the support everyone. We managed to find what seemed like the last minivan for rent in Indiana and are back on our way. Hope to make it to the start tomorrow. Thanks again!


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