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RAGBRAI Packing List – 2018

Hello all, I have been spending some time putting together my packing list and thought I would share for those who need a place to start or want to compare lists.

It may seem like a lot of items but I assure you that I can fit everything in my 55L pack which also zips off a 15L daypack. I am traveling from Oregon and won’t need to check a bag (the main pack fits in the overhead as a carry-on and the daypack fits under a seat as a personal item). I have arranged to borrow a bike for the week.

An asterisk* denotes items that will be brought by a friend and not packed by me.

Osprey Farpoint 55L

Either Adidas Boat Shoes Or iZumi Bike Shoe (Not sure if I will go clip-in)
Adidas Sandals
Adidas Pureboost Shoes
Active T x 3
Sleeveless x 2
Button Up T x 2
Columbia Rain Jacket
Adidas Climawarm Hoodie
Buff Neck Gaiter
Bike Shorts x 2
Adidas No-Show Socks x 8
Underwear x 8
Running Shorts x 2
Hiking Shorts x 2

Toiletries (small, TSA approved, containers)
Dry Shampoo
Toothbrush and Paste
Toilet paper (tiny backpacking roll)
Lip Balm
Hand Sanitizer
Multipurpose Soap

2-Person Tent*
Tent Footprint*
Tent Fan*
Cocoon Mummy Liner Blanket
Klymit Mat (Static V Recon)
Klymit Mat (Static V Luxe)
Klymit Pillow (Large)
Aeros Pillow (Large)
Easy Traveller Hammock (Maybe)
Emergency Biv

Osprey Drysack 3L and 6L
Portable Chess
Backpack Locks
Fold Up Water Bottle
Packtowl Beach Towel
First aid
Bug Repellant
Backpack Rain Cover
Outdoor Journal
Pen x 2
Water Bottle
Pacsafe Waist Wallet

Anker 16750 mAh Battery
Plantronics BT Headphones x 2
Mobile Phone – iPhone 8 Plus
Lighting Cable
Micro USB x 2
Anker 24W USB Wall Charger
Moment Fisheye Lens
Black Diamond Headlamp
Black Diamond Lantern
Waterproof Bag for Phone
Phone Carrier for Bike
Anker 21W Dual USB Solar Charger
BT Speaker
Extra Batteries

3 Replies

Sandaltan ., July 1, 2018 at 11:48 am

A second water bottle.



Ted Wittman, July 1, 2018 at 6:36 pm

Thanks for your feedback, Sandaltan. The fold up water bottle on my list acts as my second water container. It holds 2 liters which should be plenty during my daily rides.


Keith Misegades, July 2, 2018 at 7:01 am

That’s a good list and it looks like you have just about everything covered.

I might recommend a clothes line(i.e. paracord) if you want to wash anything after a days ride.
I would also ensure that your bike shorts are from 2 different manufacturer and wear a different one each day. Each one can rub you in a little different area and that may help reduce the risk of hot spots.

I also didn’t see any Chamois Butt’r.

I always believe that taking less is best. Even though all of that may fit, you should plan on having extra room for any items you want to pick up along the way. It looks like you are a backpacker with that gear, so you may know that travelling light is a blessing.

Here’s how I might suggest you could reduce your load and still have everything you need.

Only need one pair of off-bike shoes
Only need one jacket that can serve multiple purposes
Take less socks, underwear and shorts, just wash them more often. You’ll still have to carry all the dirty clothes, so just take less
only take one mat
only take one pillow
No hammock; not all campgrounds have a lot of trees, tent is better choice (free standing)
No emergency biv, won’t need it
Two pair headphones and ear pods? just take one
Why two lights, just use the BD headlamp
You can buy extra batteries on the way, plenty of stores as you pass through towns
Frisbee and Chess are nice to have, but there is always so much else going on that you may not have time for those.

I am personally carrying all my stuff on my bicycle as what RAGBRAI calls a “bagger”, but I am also a registered rider. My total gear weight, excluding the bicycle, is 16 lbs. That includes tent, sleeping stuff, cycling and off-bike clothing, bike tools, and toiletries.

Anyway you do RAGBRAI, it is always about the people and having fun.



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