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RAGBRAI – SAG Wagon Questions

I am a RAGRAI Rookie, who has not received his Participant Guide.

Here is what I have gathered about SAG service.
1. You should turn your bike upside down on the road, if you want to use a SAG wagon?
2. Is there any other way to contact a SAG wagon? As you know, most centuries print the phone number for their SAG wagons, on their maps.
3. Another rider told me it could be a long wait, until a RAGBRAI SAG wagon picks up a rider.

Is this correct?
Any other details I should know about SAG wagons?

Thanks so much.

2 Replies

AMaliar, July 20, 2023 at 9:22 pm

If you crash on the road or unable to ride on due to minor injury, they’ll pick you up and take you to the next town. Don’t abuse their service as they’re not a taxi service. In another word, don’t party and drink too much the night before and then decide you can’t ride anymore 5 miles into the ride. The wait can be extremely long and more often than not, you’re stuck in that heat out in the middle of nowhere and so is the next person. The SAG Wagon will be busy next week since the temps will be in the 90’s and they’ll be earning their paychecks on century and longer days.


Raymond Johnson, July 20, 2023 at 10:29 pm

The 5000 riders asking you if you’re okay while you stand there with your bike upside down will keep you busy while you wait for the SAG wagon. It will get there when it gets there. If you’re suffering so much that you feel like you’re in danger, then you need the ambulance, not the sag wagon. Let’s hope you don’t need either!


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