RAGBRAI virgin! advice sought. thank you!

i just registered and await the lottery. i will be driving out to the starting area.

how does one get back to the starting area? is that what this bit about charters is all about?

i am totally down with bringing my own camping gear. do we make our own breakfast and dinner? are there showers at the stops?


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mootsman, February 28, 2019 at 9:41 am

Since it sounds like you’re looking forward to the camping aspect of RAGBRAI you should consider joining a RAGBRAI Team (group). Many will have an iconic RAGBRAI converted school bus even. This solves some of the biggest logistical headaches for riders including your transportation between start and end towns.

1) Teams stage to and from the same town. They ususally have parking arrangements for your car for the week.
2) Teams arrange for restrooms and showers. Some get hosts that allow 1 or both access in their home. Some have their own portable showers or rent Kybos (Iowa for porta-poti).
3) Teams are much smaller then charters making your daily search for your luggage much easier.
4) You’ll get a new tribe of people to hang with for the week.

Of course charters work also but usually cost more. PBV even has a tent service where they put up one of their tents for you and deliver your luggage to it. They also pickup your luggage from the tent in the morning and pack the tent up. But you’ll pay a lot more for that then a team.

Just watch this forum for teams looking to fill out their roster. They start looking more frequently in the March/April time frame. And an Iowa based team makes it much easier to find one as you can stage from just about anywhere in Iowa.


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