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RAGBRAI, we’ve made the difficult decision to postpone RAGBRAI XLVIII to 2021.

As we’ve watched the impact COVID-19 is having on the world, we’ve continued to plan and adjust our timelines, hold key conversations with our trusted partners, and determine the best course of action for all parties involved.
After deep consideration and collaboration with the eight overnight town executive committees, government agencies, the public health department, and official business partners of RAGBRAI, we’ve made the difficult decision to postpone RAGBRAI XLVIII to 2021.
The safety of our riders has always been the most important focus for our RAGBRAI team and we feel the decision to postpone to 2021 is the right one. We strongly feel that this is in everyone’s best interest.
RAGBRAI takes months of planning and preparation. Based on the extreme disruption COVID-19 has had and will have on the planning, we didn’t feel it was responsible to move forward and put the safety of our riders, crew, communities, or residents of Iowa at risk.
While we wish we were biking across Iowa this July, our resolve is to make 2021 even better and we look forward to lifting up these communities when it is safe.
The RAGBRAI XLVIII route will remain the same for 2021. The towns along the route have already put a substantial amount of work and resource into planning and will have the opportunity to showcase their communities in 2021. The full route with meeting and pass-through towns will be announced at a later date.
You can view our full statement which includes refund options and a detailed FAQ at
RAGBRAI is planning several ways to stay connected this year in lieu of the ride. More details about a weekend fall ride and more will be released this spring.
We understand how disappointing this news feels. Please know that we didn’t take this decision lightly. We have spent the last month and a half talking to our partners, reworking our timelines and while biking continues to be one of the safest things to do right now, we couldn’t take a risk that would endanger even one person come July.
We appreciate your unwavering support over the past 47 years and we will be in touch this spring with some exciting new opportunities!
your RAGBRAI team

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Amanda, April 21, 2020 at 7:54 am

[quote quote=1318346]480 days until RAGBRAI XLVIII.[/quote]

My countdown says 459 days… lets go with mine, it’s sooner!! LOL


KenH, April 21, 2020 at 9:14 am

The Princess is right, as usual. When I checked early yesterday morning it was 89 days and change. After the announcement it was reset to 460 days. Surely that is higher than it has ever been before. ?


Neil Havran, April 21, 2020 at 10:42 am

Well I had 486 training miles optimistically recorded when the announcement was made. I suppose I will just keep right on recording and have astronomically high training miles to report for 2021.


Jboz, April 21, 2020 at 12:33 pm

With 459 days to train, I’m shooting for being in shape enough to ride the whole route in 1 day (a little joke). I will miss RAGBRAI this year though, but I’ve skipped a year before, so this isn’t all that bad. The worst part for me is I will be officially retired in 2 weeks, and was seriously looking forward to doing the Iowa double-cross.

So, instead I will do a home-brew route with a few buddies. Relatively certian there won’t be any roadblocks set up to prevent a few riders, and I would imagine the towns wouldn’t object to an army of 4 cyclists “invading” a town. I will of course miss the fun of RAGBRAI. But the upside is hotel rooms should be abundant, so we can pack light (no tent, sleeping pad/bag, etc.). Plus AC and beds at night, and hot showers every morning.


Uncle Kraig, April 21, 2020 at 1:29 pm

[quote quote=1318375]So… 3 things
1. Thanks Ragbrai for making the correct call on 2020.
2. Ragbrai 2021 What do you think the odds are that it will be cancelled? I think 50/50.
3. When you can, spend some of your refunded Ragbrai fees with your LBS.
Ride safely![/quote]

I think you are about dead on for RAGBRAI next year at 50 / 50 odds. That in and of itself is rather sad but it is what it is. Only time will tell at this point. I sure hope a vaccine can be drastically accelerated and produced in large quantities or one hell of a sure fire treatment is proven out quickly so we can ride next year. Stay safe everyone, see you next July, I hope!


Anonymous, April 21, 2020 at 1:37 pm

[quote quote=1318392] Plus AC and beds at night, and hot showers every morning.[/quote]

That last sentence…

Best thing ever!


T. Gap Woo, April 21, 2020 at 2:52 pm

[quote quote=1318398]

Plus AC and beds at night, and hot showers every morning.

That last sentence…

Best thing ever![/quote]

Mrs Woo is my support driver. While I’m pedaling, she drives ahead and scouts out motels that are 20-25 miles off the route. She always, without exception, finds a motel with A/C, hot showers, comfy beds AND a continental breakfast! Considering that it’s a 2600 mile round trip to I-O-Way for us, what’s a few extra miles?

See you along the I-O-Way in 2021.


Gypsy Rose, April 21, 2020 at 3:08 pm

As an alternative to being able to ride together this year in Iowa, my team has talked about coordinating drinking games via Zoom throughout the week.

Not much of a substitute for biking together, but, hey, ya take what you can get. ?

Cheers everyone!
~ Kevin


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