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Ragbrai XXXI 2003 Oskaloosa

I was told that Osky has requested to be never asked again to be an overnight town. Anyone remember the happenings there to warrant this?

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Mary, February 14, 2012 at 9:11 pm

I heard many of the churches were extremely unhappy because they lost a Ton of money. They made a ton of food and barely anyone showed up…..


Sandaltan ., February 15, 2012 at 6:20 pm

So…………where did 10 to 15K people eat??? The churches usually run out by 6:00 has been my experience.



knees36, February 15, 2012 at 8:28 pm

I believe shorter days on the road may contribute to this phenomena. In going to the RAG grid on the day in question (Oscelola to Oskaloosa) I figure that it was about a 65 mile day. If we had tailwinds, cool weather or any other condition that enhanced the speed in getting to Osky, the partying may have started a bit too early and gone on way past meal time. The same happened in 1983, Harlan to Guthrie Center. A short day of about 50 miles and a huge private beer garden at the top of the hill in Guthrie probably contributed to not many people eating at the fairgrounds and at churches which were very well set up for the riders. I stopped in at the fairgrounds and there were not more than 10 people eating a meal. In addition there were beer cans and other articles strewn all along the main street of Guthrie during the partying that night. My relatives in Guthrie still remark about all of this and the money that the churches and other vendors (except for the alcohol establishments) lost on that overnight. We’ve not overnighted in Guthrie Center since then and the town is probably too small with the larger numbers of riders now on RAG to ever again overnight there even if the towns people said “yes.”

In view of this I’m concerned about our shorter day from CR to Anamosa on Friday of this year’s ride. I hope that riders will take their time in getting to Anamosa and be sure to eat well at the various churches/ vendors before heading out to Clinton, a 69 mile day on Saturday. Cheers and “eat up!!!”


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