Random acts of kindness on RAGBRAI

Over the yars, we’ve seen many random acts of kindness on RAGBRAI. We stayed at the fairgrounds in Marshalltown. It was so hot, we decided to go to a movie after we showered and ate. We left our tents to air out in the shade – without the rain flies on. We even had a conversation while we were eating, debating if we needed to go back and put them on before we went to the movie. After looking at the sky, we decided it wasn’t going to rain. You all know how well that prediction worked out!

My brother, our support driver, left partway through the movie when we heard the rain pounding on the roof, to do what he could for our tents, which were surely soaked by then. He got back to the fairgrounds….and discovered that someone had put our rain flies on our tents for us! We later found out it was the group camping next to us. I don’t know their names or where they are from, but whoever you are, thank you again!!!!! They were driving a black Mercedes van (like a Dodge Sprinter-type van.)

In the end, the stuff in our tent was a little soggy, but weathered the storm well. It surely wouldn’t have if our nice neighbor’s had not put our rain fly on for us. My brother’s tent, however, broke a pole in that strong wind and punctured the rain fly, leaving them with a very flooded tent.

What random acts of kindness did you see on RAGBRAI?

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Elizabeth Bock, August 17, 2012 at 10:12 pm

Thank you on day 5 (Marshalltown to CR) when I had a tire not a tube blow after the first town. I thought I was really done since I had not seen a sag all week. The kind lady in the blue sleeveless top who stopped and helped me pick up all my junk off the down hill so it would not hurt anyone else and the guy on top of the hill at a gatoratde/water stop who inflated my spare tube and put a dollar bill in my tire so I could make it 12 miles to Clutier, and I made it. I was so rattled I did not even get their names.
Oh and the lady at the stop on Wednesday who gave me the ice filled chilled bandanna because I looked as if my head would explode from the heat somewhere after Clemons.


Denise Fuller, February 9, 2013 at 8:36 pm

Marshalltown, 2012 the rainstorm blowwed my tent so hard it splinted the poles and ripped the rain fly so much water I would have drown if I slept in it. Thank God this church family was watching tv saw the storm and told us if you need a dry place to stay just come on over any time. 10:30 at night I was knocking on the door with my dad and brother. They gave us blankets and pillows and we slept like baby’s.


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