Rear Rack and Panniers for Sale

I have an Axiom Journey ( rear rack. Brand new with no tags. I did have it mounted on my bike to see how the fit was but it has 0 miles on it. I paid $38.50 for it. I also have a set of Racktime Travelit Tour rear panniers ( Brand new with tags. I paid $120 for them, price tag is still on the bags. Attached rain cover on them as well. I’ll take $100 for the rack and bags together. The rack and bags are nice quality, I was planning on bagging RAGBRAI solo and bought this setup but then found a team to join so I ended up not using them. I’m in the Sioux Falls area and will travel a little ways to make a sale, if you want them shipped I can see how much it costs to get it to you and we can work something out.

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Brian Wallenburg, January 5, 2019 at 9:26 pm

You should post it here:


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