Rim vs. Disc Brakes, Worth While for Buying a New Bike?

I find nothing compelling me to spend money for a whole new bike to get hydraulic brakes. I’m in the camp of one TdF rider that said “no one was complaining about their brakes”. Riding with many of the riders I use to race licensed events with, most still have their rim brakes.

The TdF has a minimum weight requirement (outdated) the allow riders to avoid paying the cost in weight to go hydraulic which makes sponsors happy. Manufacturers are trying to use planned obsolescence to get our money in my opinion. And we have no minimum weight requirement. But publications like Velonews that now depend more then ever on advertisers for revenue suddenly started saying weight is not so important anymore despite saying it was when it drove new bike sales.

Sure they stop a little better but stopping was not an issue. Of course disc brakes require more then just new brakes but frames and wheels also. $$Ca-Ching$$.

If you prefer then that’s cool, but if you don’t, also good.

Similar topic, electric derailleurs.

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