Route changes

LE MARS, [Oyens?,] Remsen, •Marcus•, •Cleghorn•, •Meriden•, Cherokee, Aurelia, Alta, •Schaller•, Early, SAC CITY, Lytton, Yetter (not on map,) •Rockwell City•, Lake City, Rinard, •Somers•, •Roelyn•, Callender, Moorland, FORT DODGE, Duncombe, Webster City, Blairsburg, [Williams?,] Alden, IOWA FALLS, Ackley, Austinville, Aplington, Parkersburg, New Hartford, Janesville, WATERLOO, Evansdale, Elk Run Heights (not on map), •Raymar•, •Gilbertville•, •Brandon•, •Urbana•, Jesup, Shady Grove, Rowley, Walker, Center Point, Alice, Central City, Stone City (loop), Viola (loop), Whitter (loop), Waubeek (loop), ANAMOSA, Hale, Oxford Junction, Lost Nation, Calamus, DE WITT, Charlotte, Goose Lake, Six Mile, CLINTON

The • indicate the towns are no longer on route.
Looks like Day 1, 2 & 5 are changed.

Day 1 Marcus Cleghorn, Meriden & Schaller are removed
Day 2 Rockwell City Somers & Roelyn removed
Day 5 Raymar Gilbertville Brandon & Urbana are removed

Is this due to Covid concerns, lack of volunteers or road construction?
How many more miles did it add up?

2 Replies

hnschipper, July 23, 2021 at 2:27 pm

The overnight towns changed so that affected pass through towns.


Danny Edens, July 23, 2021 at 6:56 pm

Marcus Cleghorn Meriden wouldn’t been affected by the overnight town changes. It appears now the route go on C38 instead of Route 3 to purposely avoid those towns.

Rockwell City I saw couldn’t get enough volunteers so they backed out, its ashame too cuz it looked like Lytton and Rockwell City would of really hit it off. it will add on a few miles.

Raymar Gibertville Brandon & Urbana too would have not been affected by overnight town changes looks like the new routewill add quite a few miles.


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