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I have another RV question being a Ragbrai newbie. How is parking in each over-night town handled for teams with an RV? Are we given gps directions in the morning or guided to an overnight parking spot when RV arrives in town? Thanks.

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KenH, June 14, 2021 at 8:51 am

There have not been GPS files in years past, I can’t predict if they will be offered this year!

Support vehicle maps will be released as PDFs, probably at least a week before the start of the ride. It is critical that your driver has these. There has been a support driver’s meeting in the start town on Saturday afternoon. There may be good information there. I would not know, I have never been able to make the meeting time and RAGBRAI has not heeded my call to post the information on this website or have it available has handouts. In many cases the overnight towns will have people stationed on the support vehicle route somewhere near where you enter the town. They will give you directions to the campsite. The towns will publish maps prior to the start of the ride, some may be available already which will show many things of interest. The RV campground and dump station locations should be on those maps. Make sure you download them before the ride for your driver. As far as I can recall neither I nor any of my drivers have had trouble finding the RV campgrounds so while every town may not do things exactly the same way you should be able to get where you need to go by one means or another. Actually in many cases it is like following the bike route, you just follow the RVs ahead of you. Just be aware that some of them are going to unofficial locations so if you see several going the same way you can probably follow them but if there is only one in front of you it might lead you astray!

My team has always downloaded all the support driver maps, town maps, bike route maps, and the pre-ride/route inspection blog posts and printed them out for the riders/drivers. On my team the riders share the task of driving the RV. Each of us gets a personal copy and there is one extra one in the map pocket of the driver’s door.


John Dovishaw, June 14, 2021 at 8:35 pm

Thanks Ken.


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