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RV Parking Questions in Overnight Towns

1) Does RAGBRAI provide a parking area for the RV’s with support vehicle tags in the overnight towns? Not looking for hookups but just a designated secure place to park hopefully near shuttle buses to evening activities.

2) Parking fees??? The housing committee of one of this years overnight towns provided me a contact about parking in a business parking lot. When I called, I was told they are charging $70 to park there. They have no hookups just a place to park. I completely understand if someone is offering hookups and/or use of their facility but didn’t know we would have to pay extra for parking. Is this the norm to have to pay for a place to park?

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David, May 26, 2022 at 8:52 am

You need an RV tag and there should be an RV area that allows generators. There won’t be nearly enough hookups for everyone.
Usually/hopefully, it is close to a shuttle. Shuttle quality varies. Town maps tend to come out in July. Sometimes just a week or two before the ride.

Other parking lots and options away from the designated areas might have fees. It is up to whoever is providing them. Less likely to be near a shuttle at those. It might be less crowded. For $70 I would want to know how crowded and if there is shade or something. Or perhaps they have bathrooms available.

I remember some fee drama at one of the designated RV areas a few years back. I think it was at a country fairgrounds and they were attempting to charge. That isn’t typical for the main area.


garywilk, May 26, 2022 at 11:28 am

We have been using an RV for several years. Each overnight town is different. Generally as timing gets closer, they will have the RV parking locations. They will have maps out and there will be signs and people giving directions in the overnight towns. The locations range from a park, school or mall parking lot, campground, or open field. As long as you have the vehicle tag from Ragbrai, it is free. There has been a few times in years past where it was in a campground with an option for electrical hook up for a small fee. Last year we even had a hookup for free but that was just good luck. There is normally a shuttle close but the shuttle may charge a buck or two each way. The shuttles also sometimes shut down early and if you stay out late, you get a sobering walk back but it was likely good for me. Hope that helps. Keep asking questions and don’t worry much, things will work out. The only big thing is be patient. There will be lines everywhere for everything unless you are really early.


Mary Pekot, June 1, 2022 at 5:28 pm

Last year was our first RAGBRAI and our RV driver had trouble finding the designated RV parking areas more days than not. The local maps weren’t always helpful and the info stations and those directing traffic were often not in the know either. I notified RAGBRAI about this.
Once we found our RV we were either within walking distance or took a free shuttle into town. A few schools opened their locker rooms for use, one of them charged a nominal fee as a school fund raiser. Dump stations were also available but not many trees. We never had a hook up and never paid a fee. Overall good experience once we found the lot.


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