Share camper and driving.,

Retired military couple. Looking for a couple to share driving duties. Pickup pulling camper with shower, AC, and beds. We are coming from KCMO Text JQ 623-521-1178

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Shaela Holtman, July 7, 2018 at 10:49 am

Hi, I saw your post on the RAGBRAI forums and thought I’d respond. I’m not sure if this would be what you’re looking for, but thought I’d see. I’ve been a group contact for a team and ridden 10 RAGBRAI’s, along with my son who has ridden eight. He and I are the only members of our team that are able to go the full route this year, and we haven’t been able to find a driver for support for us. I’m 59 & work at a hospital, and my son is 19, and a sophomore at U of Iowa. We’re looking for an opportunity to be able to do the ride this year. We’re from Ames, Iowa – one of the overnight towns. I ride every day – or at least half days, and he rides the whole route including the KARAS 100 mile loop. I’ve helped with driving and as support for our team as well. If you’d like to visit with me about this, you can reach me at my email


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