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Sore butt from riding/seats

We had some Touring riders come through the park this summer.These kids rode from new york heading to oregon coast. They stoped by in south dakota to see some friends. They were college kids.Not all made it.As a matter of fact,I do not know if any of them made the whole trip. They were getting burned out.

I was really impressed with this one rider. He was fat, and he looked like he had not missed to many meals lately. Nobody could believe he made it that far.He quit when he hit the wyoming border.

BUT LETS TALK ABOUT glute pain from hrs  IN THE SADDLE.
This is a problem for me.I talked with the tour riders and they said something about butt butter, gels and other rubs to ease the pain.There sadles were leather they looked like a baseball glove.
I am thinking about going to walmart and buying a gel seat cover to go over the  saddle in order to give some cushion.I never do this because it increses the chance of sadle sores.
But after 50 miles i really get to hurting.Any sugestions.Thanks

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