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Spammers are back —

And we don’t even have the “report a post” option any more. How do other boards manage to keep this stuff out?

Maybe we should lobby TJ to form a “Write Right” committee; he could perhaps hand-select three or four of the regulars here and give them some sort of moderating powers so as to be able to “spot-clean” these messes rather than wait for just one person (himself) to get the time to handle it. I’m not saying that TG isn’t doing a good job — he is; but I’m sure the Register is paying him to do more than just babysit this forum.

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jwsknk, February 7, 2012 at 2:12 pm

Don’t think TJ does the it stuff on here. at one time, I want to say his name is Dave, used to work for Waterloo TV station, had the Pie shop in Whalen Mn., Overland Charters (?), did it. There should be a pretty good list of their screen names in that old “Spammers” thread. I think most of them had their names added. The IT person could go through there to get a list of who to delete.


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