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Starting a small group

Hey gang –

So – we have a core group and have been using a larger charter for a number of years.  For 2012 – we are considering taking the core group solo and need to know all the ins and outs of preparations and how the program works.

Our group would consist of 8 to 14 riders.  We enjoy the tenting experience – but not in the main campgrounds – but in private yards and homes.  What do we need to know on the process of how to find homes to host a small group.  We are looking at taking turns at driving a SUV with trailer from town to town to haul all our stuff….  This would also allow those that want to take a “day off the saddle” that luxury.

What are the good points and bad with this approach?  Are small groups always afforded passes?  So many questions…  so little time before RAGBRAI XL.

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Sandaltan ., September 30, 2011 at 9:55 am

Go for it if you have someone who will take the time to carefully read and follow the instructions for registration for the group.  Plus you must have someone to drive the SUV and be able to maneuver it and a trailer through some tight spots.  Learning to back a short trailer is not everyone’s cup of tea and should not be learned the day before RAGBRAI begins.  If the group leader follows instructions and meets the submission deadlines you will be in.  There are three methods of finding home stays for your group; first, after the overnights are announced and each community brings up their website you complete an application for home stays and mail to each community, second, from among your group members do any of them have a contact in an overnight community that will find you a home stay, third, the driver selects a neighborhood and goes door-to-door asking for permission to camp.  Forming your own group requires considerable preparation and effort while simply signing on with a charter only requires that you write one check.  There are dozens of ways to join the RAGBRAI Nation for that special week and none are wrong.




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